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Purim is coming March 11, 2008

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and that means hamantaschen. 

A few years ago at this time I went to a bakery in downtown DC that I know carried hamantaschen year-round.  I didn’t see them.  When I asked I was told that they get them in at certain times of the year.  Purim was just not one of those times.

 That’s like when I went to buy kosher wine right before Rosh Hashana in a grocery store in southeastern Virginia.  I was told that they only carry it around the holidays.

I also love going to the Safeway before Passover and seeing that freestanding tower of  Passover products.  Someone always takes care in covering the shelves with layers of foil and paper towel.  Unfortunately, they then fill the shelves with the entire line of kosher products (from the “ethnic” foods section).  Year-round matzo, egg noodles, the works.

I do honestly love it.  There was no tower of mazo in the grocery stores where I grew up.  And the dynamic of the effort/misundertanding is a metaphor for the Jewish experience outside of Israel (and New York).   I appreciate the effort.  But I also appreciate the humor in how these things always seem to miss the mark.


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